pretty much i don’t think i’m anything special.  however, i can’t do the whole “ordinary guy” thing because, well, i’m anything but.  i’m guessing most of you seeing this got here via facebook, so you probably already know that i have a lot to say.  much of which is likely nonsense, but a lot of it is societal quips….things i find stupid, funny, ironic, odd, you name it.  that’s what this writing forum will be about (i hate the word “blog.”  it sounds so geeky and technical, or that i’m a twenty-something female posting pictures of things i find on pinterest.  which, by the way, i’m going to try to avoid giving the impression that i have my life all together, because i don’t.  i would easily fall prey to judgment and claims of hypocrisy if i’m writing my annoyance with something [just for example – i’m not going to complain all day…it’s not called “peggy pessimism”] while not being perfect).  glad you made it past the parentheses.  calm down, terence.

anyways, this is a dumping ground for the things that constantly dance around in my brain.  if you hate it, whatever.  if you love it, whatever.  wow, that sounded terrible…not my intention.  and there’s one of my flaws, worrying about what people think of me.  maybe wordpress isn’t the place for me after all.  somebody help!


tell me what you think

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