I see you.  I know – I KNOW – it feels like you’re on an island while you’re stumbling your way through a life you never thought could be this hard, but I see you.  You’re not alone, and I’m there with you. 

Being an adult is the actual worst.  My life is not my own, and burden of sacrifice that’s been bestowed on me is far more difficult to bear than I could’ve imagined.  Wouldn’t you agree?  Work, family, and the never ending task of balancing the two takes almost 100% of ourselves, and most of the time the things that give us life are not a part of this equation.  When we have no choice but to put our heads down and pull the cart, we can’t see the things (often right in front of us) that fill us.  

I began to realize this about a year ago, and with many successes and failures between then and now, I started noticing small things – little gifts – daily bread – manna, if you will – that enrich my life.  Sometimes, if I pay close enough attention, I see that they surround me.  They’re constant, and many times are things I take for granted, to sound clich√©.  

These are part of the manna in my life:

– a full moon, low on the horizon

– climbing into a bed of clean sheets 

– the first sip of wine, from a bottle that’s just been opened

– a rare few moments of being the only one in the house who’s awake in the morning

– the scent of a gardenia

– the way my daughter’s hair hangs at the side of her face and rests on her shoulders 

– standing chest-deep in the ocean

– showering with the window open

– the sound of an overnight rain on the roof

– the gradual awakening that coffee brings

– hearing people sing in perfect harmony

– warm weather with low humidity

– my son’s belly laugh 

– the feeling I get after a good workout 

– natural light coming through my windows 

– watching someone who’s really good at something do that thing

– when trees finally show their leaves after the winter 

In these ways, I am rich, and my life is full.  Even when my circumstances seem impossible, my daily bread remains.  I’m blessed to be able to experience these small delights every day, and am coming to know that the small delights is what big joy is made of.

So I encourage you to keep your head down and press on, but keep your eyes open.  There are blessings all around you.