25 things you may or may not care to know about me.


1.  i love pineapple!

2.  i’m tall (duh)  i usually tell people i’m 6’5″, which is not completely accurate.  i’m more like 6’4.5″

3.  i’m the youngest of three boys.  and yes, the third time was the charm.  🙂

4.  i usually harmonize.  singing the melody is boring to me most of the time.

5.  as if #4 wasn’t indicative enough, i’m a dork.  and proud of it.

6.  at least once in the past, i’ve eaten an entire large pizza on my own.

7.  i broke my arm when i was 8 or 9ish when i tried to do a back handspring.

8.  it required surgery to be fixed.

9.  here is the scar:


10.  since we’re on personal injury, one time i jumped off a mini trampoline TOWARDS the front steps of the house i grew up in…definitely landed on my knees and smacked the side of my head into the corner of one of the brick steps.  one of my finer moments.  🙂  i have a scar from that, too, but i won’t show it to you.

11.  i’ve never been stung by a bee…or wasp.

12.  i don’t know if it’s the dancer in me, but i get incredibly annoyed by the term “the splits.”  it is A split.  can you do A split?  glad that’s cleared up.

13.  i HATE having the hiccups.

14.  i have a rook piercing.  look it up.

15.  i’ve always had an issue with how people support, adore, and worship the arrogant.

16.  somehow i have a weirdly proficient ability to remember names.  i will say, i’m not as good at it as i used to be.  i think it’s probably because i see so many people day in and day out at work.

17.  i’m a scorpio.

18.  pretty much the only thing i’m afraid of is tornadoes.  it’s practically my only fear, and that fear is probably better described as terror.

19.  i love roller coasters.

20.  i love swimming in the ocean.

21.  for a brief period of time in my senior year of high school, i considered going to college to major in music…to be a choral singer.  i am DEF not good enough to sing by myself.

22.  i hate extreme cold.  i am hot-natured so i typically prefer to be cool, but windy winter days make me wanna gauge my eyes out.

23.  i cry sometimes.  not enough to be a baby or girl, but enough to be an emotionally healthy male.

24.  i am 1/4 polish.

25.  i have the worst of all sweet tooth’s.


moment of honesty: i originally wanted to come up with 100 things, then found that to be too ambitious so i narrowed it to 50….same problem.  turns out, i’m just not that interesting.  25 is the best i got.  maybe there will be parts 2-4 to come.


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