the death of chevron

ladies.  it’s time to get real about pinterest.


don’t get me wrong, i love a good mason jar, but is that where you are going to let all of your creativity live?  mason jar this, mason jar that.  chevron this, chevron that.  i get it, the cottage/shabby chic style is awesome.  my wife and i own a hair salon, and it was built and designed based upon inspiration that comes from that style of decorating, but you have more in you!  i promise.


i’m getting ahead of myself.  i think pinterest is a good thing.  i certainly don’t have a pinterest account, but i have seen it enough times to get a pretty good feel for it.  it’s full of pictures, how-to’s, recipes, hairstyles, clothing styles, you name it…y’all know all of this.  it is a fantastic place to find inspiration for DIY decorating at your home, or for finding examples of hairstyles you might be interested in, for example (totally more than applicable in my world).  seriously, that web site is like google images on crack.  there have been times when i’ve looked over somebody’s shoulder as they were on pinterest (which, by the way, is probably the most annoying thing anybody can do to anyone else who is on any website ever) scrolling through all of these pictures of desserts and i coulda dang salivated like i was being trained by pavlov himself.  as a matter of fact, just the other day, i had these apple dumplings that were made by somebody in my small group (thanks, sara) that were just BOMB.  yep, she got the recipe from pinterest (thanks, pinterest).  i’m sure, also, that somewhere in my subconscious i have assisted in and/or made a decorating choice (whether at my house or my salon) that came from something i may have happened to catch a glance of on pinterest.  there is PLENTY of inspiration to find on that website, and i’ve seen the mark it has made on some or your lives.  i see your amazing centerpieces, or the new painting you did (yes, YOU did it, with your own hands), or the pictures of the food you made for the first time that looks amazing.  i see it.  and it looks great.  and you should be proud of what you’ve created.


i am really concerned, though.  i am concerned that identities are being claimed right and left by this addictive website.  the creators of this website were quite clever to figure out a way to tap into the natural desire of a woman to make the home.  now before you rosie the riveter’s get your head scarves tied on too tight, hear me out.  it is completely natural for women to yearn to create a home that represents them, or an environment that is beautiful or inviting, or a safe place for their families.  it’s an incredible thing that they are born with, and an incredible thing they can provide.  seriously, thank God for the woman’s ability and desire to make a happy home.  i am grateful for that.  i understand how, given this desire, pinterest is heaven for women especially.  it’s ok to look to pinterest for ideas to create a holiday environment that makes your children happy, or makes memories, or even solely makes you feel good to come home to.  it’s ok to look to pinterest to make those adorable little cake pops for your friend’s baby shower.  that’s the gift you can provide.  (i could go on about how your innate femininity serves humanity.  it’s a beautiful thing).  but listen, girls.  your inner woman is unique to you.  you don’t need pinterest.  you don’t.  maybe your centerpiece won’t end up on a magazine cover, but if comes naturally from you and you love it for your home and family, then you’ve done something right.  i have to say, my wife can make a dang good flower arrangement.  i mean homegirl can ARRANGE some flowers, ok?  she didn’t get that skill from pinterest.  it’s just something she has.  and she can make a bow like nobody’s business, too.  and it’s interesting, she has friends that seek her help with bow-making, and my wife might seek their help for something else.  do you see?  there is something in you!  i worry that you subconsciously try to measure up to every perfect thing you see on pinterest.  (i realize it comes from other sources than just pinterest, by the way).  you don’t have to measure up.  a lot of these perfect rooms, or perfect chairs, or perfect dining room tables were put together by people who are HIRED to do so.  there are a select few people in this world who’s occupation is style.  pinterest, unfortunately, tells the lie that having the skill of a professional stylist is the status quo.  i am claiming victory over that lie on your behalf!  (pentecostal moment).


what i’m trying to say is, your identity can’t be found there…on pinterest, or in anything you see there.  your dining room table centerpiece is an EXTENSION of your identity.  and these moments of beauty might not be found in home decor.  the extension of your identity might be found in your job, or your heart to serve others, or the way you cook, or the way you interact with society.  (maybe it’s time to dig a little deeper into where your identity comes from.  i personally believe it is God-given, but others may have a different view).  don’t believe pinterest when it tells you that you are LESS because you can’t measure up to the perfect facade it presents.  put as many mason jars, chalkboard frames, and chevron table cloths in your house that you so desire.  but it might be time to put chevron to death…or at least until you can look at those perfect chevron curtains and say “you don’t define me.”



*i am fully aware that i am not a female and that many of you reading this are pinterest lovers.  kindly refer to the second full paragraph of this post.  while i still consider it to be something that is robbing femininity instead of encouraging it, i realize that there are plenty of pinterest lovers who are secure in their identity.  also, i have plenty of things that i try to measure up to.  i’m nowhere near perfect.


2 thoughts on “the death of chevron

  1. This article needs a pinterest link to help visualize all of the table decor, floral arrangements, chevron curtains, optimal hairstyles, tasty desserts, and holiday inspiration of which you speak. Oh, and how dare you compliment women on their innate decorating skills!! 🙂


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